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Bagi Anda yang ingin belajar di Kyoto Bagi pelajar internasional di Kyoto

Tentang Jaringan Pelajar Internasional Study Kyoto


The aim of the network is to raise the appeal of Kyoto as a “University Town and Student Town” through initiatives involving the whole of Kyoto to attract and establish a system to accept international students (including foreign researchers and similarly hereinafter) to Kyoto, and to create a framework to make use of the knowledge and experience of international students in the stimulation and internationalization of the region.


International Student Study Kyoto Network


Universities, Japanese language schools, vocational institutes, companies, economic and industrial groups, public institutions, etc.
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Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, auditor, advisor


  • ・Promotion to attract international students
  • ・Consultation services for students who wish to study in Japan and relevant Japanese and international schools and educational institutions
  • ・Provision of living assistance including accommodation and environmental facilities, consultation services for international students studying in Kyoto, etc., as well as the provision of support for Japanese language studies
  • ・Employment assistance for international students, networking support for international student alumni after graduation
  • ・Networking support between foreign students and Japanese students and the local community
  • ・Overall coordination of international student measures carried out by various institutions
  • ・Other services required to achieve the goals of the network

6.Date Established

May 29 (Fri) 2015


The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto