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Kebijakan Privasi

Regarding the Use of Personal Information

The Kyoto study abroad information website Study Kyoto (hereafter, “this website”) collects, uses, and administers personal information appropriately according to the “Consortium of Universities in Kyoto Personal Information Protection Guidelines,” as follows.

Regarding Users’ Personal Information

●Viewing this website

Ordinarily, users can view the website without providing any information. However, we may ask for personal information such as names, email address, address, telephone numbers, etc. from users in order to respond to inquiries and service requests on this website.
In such cases, we will not use your name or email address for any purpose other than data storage or to provide information. Also, we will not provide personal information to third parties without users’ consent.

●Access Log

The access log recorded on this website’s server is used to survey usage trends to improve site operation (tallying access numbers, for example), but individuals are not identified with this information. However, this restriction will not apply should a legal request for this information be made by a court of law, police, or other public institution when malicious acts or crime are committed.

●Links (Third-party websites)

Third-party websites (links) that can be accessed via this website operate under independent privacy policies and regulations regarding the collection of personal information. This website accepts no obligation or liability regarding the handling of personal information on these third party websites.

Organizational Structure

The International Student Study Kyoto Network has put in place an appropriate structure for the management of personal information, and also strives to educate management and staff about the protection of personal information.

Cookie Policy

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The copyrights for the materials on this website are held by the International Student Study Kyoto Network and its affiliated companies and individuals. The material on this website may not be copied, reprinted, or otherwise used without permission.


Although we pay close attention to what information is posted to this website, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information on this website may be altered or deleted without notice. We assume no liability for any damage or loss caused by the information posted on this website.

Regarding responses to requests for the disclosure, correction, cessation of use, or deletion of information

Responses to requests made regarding personal information held by the International Student Study Kyoto Network will be carried out within a reasonable frame.

Contact: International Student Study Kyoto Network

Last updated: March 31, 2020