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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XX

What is the SPI test, anyway? A Guide for International Students Job Hunting in JapanTests like SPI, GAB, and CAB are written exams required by many Japanese companies when recruiting new employees. So what is on these tests, and more importantly, how can you study to pass them? See this article for more information!


A Guide to Japanese Language Classes in Kyoto!Find locations to brush up on your Japanese, even as you study abroad in Kyoto, Japan! Our list includes locations in Kyoto City and throughout Kyoto Prefecture.


Make Friends & Learn Japanese in International Exchange Circles and Clubs
Make more Japanese friends and friends from other countries while you study abroad by joining a club or other group at your school! Study Kyoto has put together a list of a few places to get some ideas…


“Love at First Sight”: Kyoto & I (一见钟情的邂逅——我与京都)A Chinese student studying abroad in Kyoto shares their story with us: how they came to study abroad in Kyoto, and how they came to love the story. This article is only available in Japanese and Chinese at the moment, but it’s a great look into a student’s experience in their own words.