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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 16 has been released!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XVI

This issue is all about student life in Kyoto!

Listening to the Voices of Muslim Students in Kyoto
In an earlier article, we shared some of Kyoto’s Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants, prayer spaces, and information about Kyoto Mosque. Kyoto City is putting in increasing efforts to make life easier for its temporary and permanent Muslim residents, and educators are paying attention. Study Kyoto recently attended an educational session with educators and a panel of Muslim international students, to hear their thoughts about life in Kyoto. Read more about their experiences here!

Succeed in Your Japan Job Search with Support for International Students!
If you’re hoping to find a job in Japan, you may find that many options are tailored for Japanese university students. In Kyoto, Kyotomorrow Academy offers special support, including job fairs, and on-site company visits for everything from high-tech international companies to traditional industries!

Join a Taiwanese Student Group in Kyoto!
In this article, Taiwanese students in Kyoto introduce their student group, with annual activities designed to make life in Kyoto easier for students, and of course, to make friends! Read more here (Chinese (繁体字) and Japanese only)!

A Vietnamese Student’s Introduction to VYSA Kyoto!
Kyoto is also home to a thriving Vietnamese student (and youth) community, founded in 1995. In this article, a student in Kyoto introduces some of the group’s year-round activities, and how to connect with some of your Vietnamese classmates!