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How to search for Part-time Jobs

How to find a part-time job in Kyoto and to avoid problem in part time jobs.

How to find a part-time job.

●How to find a part-time job

  • □ Introductions by the University/School’s Student Affairs Section
  • □ Advertisements in part-time job information magazines and newspaper advertising sections
  • □ Introductions by the Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work)
  • □ Introductions by friends and senior acquaintances
  • □ Job Information (Websites) etc.

●Part-time job information-related businesses

Student part-time job information network provides information of part-time jobs for student based on the safety requirements by school.

»Student part-time job information network "Baito Net"

In order to avoid trouble

Make notes on the labor conditions as much as you can It is good if you can receive an “employment contract” from your employer; however, this does not occur in most cases. At the time of the first interview, ask the employer to write down the working days, working hours, wages, payment date for wages, as well as the name and telephone number of the person in charge of your employment. Otherwise, you should make a note of such information yourself and confirm it with the employer. If you keep such notes, it will safeguard against unnecessary problems caused by misunderstandings, and will prove useful if there should happen to be any trouble. There is a set minimum wage, and in Kyoto Prefecture it is 968 yen per hour.

●If problems occur with your part-time job

As the number of international students engaged in part-time work increases, various problems, such as injuries at work or not receiving wages as promised, are coming to the fore. When trouble occurs in the workplace, you should first of all calmly discuss the matter with your superior. If you are still unable to resolve the issue after such discussion, please consult a counseling organization. Kyoto Labor Department Inspection Division
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