Kyoto Styudy

Bagi Anda yang ingin belajar di Kyoto Bagi pelajar internasional di Kyoto


Di sini Anda bisa menemukan informasi terkait kehidupan sebagai pelajar internasional di Kyoto.
Dengan informasi ini, Anda akan dapat memulai kehidupan baru di Jepang dengan percaya diri.

Procedures during the first week in Kyoto

About procedure necessary to come to Kyoto. Once you begin the school life, you will be busy, so be sure to complete the procedures as soon as your arrival in Japan.

How to search for Part-time Jobs

After granted the (Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence), find for a part-time job. There are many problems involving part-time jobs, make sure to find a part-time job in Kyoto.

How to withdraw and transfer Money

Here we explain how to use a cash card for depositing and withdrawing money in Japan and how to receive money from and send money to your home country.

Transportation in Kyoto

We will now introduce the means of transportation in Kyoto.
There are a few points that must be noted, so please be sure to check them before using transportation in Kyoto.

Medical Emergencies

The following provides information about what to do if, during your time in Kyoto, you become sick or injured, or run into unexpected trouble.

How to sort garbage

As a city which has adopted the "Kyoto Protocol", Kyoto is focused on environmentally friendly urban development and is promoting the recycling of garbage.
How to put out the garbage varies depending on the municipality.

Final Procedures before leaving Kyoto

We have include procedures that have to be done before going back to your home country. Such as moving out procedures and cancelation procedures.