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Study Kyoto Newsletter Volume 3 is Out!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. III

The intense Kyoto summer has finally passed. It’s rainy now, but we’ll soon be welcoming one of the city’s most beautiful seasons, when the chilly weather brings out bright red maple leaves across the hillsides.

Grab a cup of matcha tea, because volume two of Study Kyoto Newsletter has a new set of articles for you!

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Making Friends on Study Abroad
It’s natural to worry about this a bit–you’re going to study in a foreign country; how will you make friends? Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips for making friends with your Japanese classmates in part one. In part two, we went to the source, and asked a student from Indonesia about his experiences, and his formula for making friends–can you guess what it is?
How can I make friends with Japanese students?

15+ Ways to Save Money in Japan
It can be tough to be a student on a budget, with temples and the Kyoto Manga Museum to visit (and so many new flavors of Kit-Kats to try!). Jokes aside, it can be hard to keep a budget on study abroad, so we’ve put together a handy guide for ways to save money on your shopping, travel, and accommodation in Japan, while still having a great time!
Discounts, this way!

How to Get an Internship in Japan
Have you thought about working in Japan before? An internship is a wonderful opportunity to test the waters by experiencing working in japan first-hand. Check out our interview with a former Kyoto University graduate student from China about the internship that started his career in Kyoto!

Tell me about paid internships in Kyoto!

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