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KyoTomorrowAcademy 2018 is now ready to start!


We will hold an orientation for those who are interested in KyoTomorrowAcademy 2018.
In this event we will…

・play some games
・explain what KTA offers for international students
・do some workshops regarding your career to make most of your students life in Kyoto!

This will be a great opportunity that you can meet other international students from different countries and schools and also some Japanese students as well!
So please join!

【KTA Orientation】
Date & Time: 4/25(Wed) 18:30~20:30
Location:Campus Plaza Kyoto 2nd floor Conference room 3
Inquiry: kyotomo■ *Change ■ to @.
Tel: 075-353-9164

KTA Website:
KTA FB page:

【April & May Events】
KTA have lots of events every month. Please join us!

4/17(Tue)18:30~20:30 “Career Compass”
4/25(Wed)18:30~20:30 “KTA Orientation”
5/10(Thur)&16(Wed)18:30~20:30 ”Business Japanese for International Students”
5/12(Sat)13:00~17:00 “Meet the Start-Up Company, Huber.Inc”