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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXIIII

Into the World of Kabuki
Have you ever seen a kabuki show? Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theater, and what better place to see it than at the historical Minami-za Theater in Kyoto! Follow an international student as she reports on her first show.
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International Students Visit Nissha, a Kyoto Company
International students are given an opportunity to visit Nissha, a printing company with a long history in Kyoto. They discover how the company has adopted new technologies, and its stance on international talent!
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Becoming a pastry chef in Kyoto!
In Kyoto, you can study the art of making both Japanese and Western sweets. Two of our students went to visit Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College’s open campus to see what it’s all about.
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A look at 2-year courses at Ikebono Junior College: Study ikebana, baking, and more!
Check out some of Kyoto’s 2-year study programs, like those at Ikebono Junior College. Students can study traditional flower arrangement (ikebana), pastry making (in French!), and more.
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