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The Difference Between Living in Kyoto and Tokyo

Study Environment

One of the things that makes me happy to live in Kyoto is an environment that is suitable for studying. In Tokyo, in order to reduce your spending, you need to live far from your university. Even if you have homework to do, you must do it in your apartment, and if you need a reference or source you must borrow it from the library. Also, it is quite noisy during the night in Tokyo, and there are many places that you might want to go out to visit, making you unable to focus on your studies.

In Kyoto, however, because the rent is relatively cheap, many people live near campus. So when you want to study you can easily go to campus without worrying about the time. For me this the best part of living in Kyoto. Furthermore, when I study, my mood is very important, so I tend to change my study spots around. Specifically, in Kyoto, many places are relatively quiet compared to Tokyo, so I can easily search for places to study. For example, along the Kamogawa River, there are a lot of cafés that are suitable for studying. Kyoto is also very quiet during the night so it is easy to focus on your studies or homework.


I have been living in Kyoto for 3 years now. When I look back on the past, I am very grateful to have lived in Kyoto. The biggest highlight of my life here in Kyoto are the many experiences that I cannot have in other places, and the chance to meet the various people that I have met here. To those who are reading this article, why not consider Kyoto for your future place of study?

(Author: Ritsumeikan University, Adhiqa)

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