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A Day in the Life of a Student on Study Abroad in Japan

Lunch at an Off Campus Café

Lunch 2 (A day in my life Maria) Along with the cafeteria, there are many delicious hideouts near campus to eat lunch. I recommend enjoying exploring around your university when you are not busy with classes so you know when you can go where when you are in a hurry.

Lunch 1 (A day in my life Maria)


Afternoon Studying at the Library

I enjoy studying outside of class as much as in class. My favorite place to study is the library where I can borrow a computer for easy research and the books I need are near on hand. Ritsumeikan University just built a new library this year and the views from here are also great for between focused sessions of study.

Library (A day in my life Maria)

Dinner at the School Cafeteria

Dinner (A day in my life Maria)

The school cafeteria is open till 9:30 so it is a great option for dinner. If I have been studying with friends I especially enjoy relaxing in the cafeteria to debrief on studies, activities and life.







Evening Activities

I am involved with many things outside of school so I will often leave campus after class. Whether discussing different topics with my student organization, enjoying a cycle around Kyoto, taking part in English conversation classes, or meeting with volunteers at church my time is always exciting and fulfilling.

Evening 1 (A day in my life Maria) Evening 2 (A day in my life Maria) Evening 4 (A day in my life Maria)

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