【KTA Facebook記事紹介】就活のテストセンターでのSPIについて~About SPI Test Centers for Job-hunting~


今回は、KyoTomorrow Academyサポートスタッフによる、「就活のSPIテスト」についての記事を紹介します。


☆就活のテストセンターでのSPIについて/About SPI Test Centers for Job-hunting reported by Chikako☆

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ここからは、テストセンターでのSPI テストがWebテストと異なる点を3点紹介します。







Hello everyone! I’m KTA Support Staff Chicako.

Job-hunting students, have you already experienced taking exams at test centers?

In my experience, in the application process for internships online tests where common, but in the actual job application process, it was common to take the SPI at designated test centers. But this will likely differ depending on the field and company size you are thinking of, so you should gather information about what kind of exams were required in your desired field as soon as possible.

During job-hunting, I took online and test center exams, but the later was more difficult, so I studied harder. I used a book named 『史上最強SPI&テストセンター超実践問題集』 that has a blue cover. At first, I solved the problems without timing myself, and from the second time on, I tried to get the correct answer in the allotted time, and kept repeating the questions until there were no more problems I couldn’t solve, and in spare moments I looked at a list of vocabulary words I didn’t know that I had made. I suggest this book because it has a large number of practice problems and detailed explanations! (Since it is heavy and it takes much space to carry around a whole book I cut off the cover, and put it in a ring binder to make it easier to study from. However, I have never met anyone who used their book like this. Lol.)

Now, let me introduce to you three things that are different between the SPI at the test center and the SPI online.

First of all, a reservation is needed. The online web test can be taken anytime at your convenience, but the test center needs a reservation. After job-hunting goes into full swing in March, it can be difficult to make a reservation, so you should make a reservation as soon as possible after the company contacts you about the exam.

The second is that you can send your results to different companies. If you are able to get a score you are happy with, you can send those results to other companies, and you will not need to take the test again. You can decide by subject if you want to send in your last results, so the topics that you have confidence you got a good score, you can send in, and the topics you are concerned about you can take again.

The third is the problems difficulty depends on the person. Put simply, if you get hard problems correct, you will be given harder problems, and if you get it wrong you will get problems a bit easier. As you continue solving these problems, your accuracy rate will level out, and the test will end. You can’t see the scores of your exam, but the difficulty of the problems will change, so you can guess how well you did by how hard the questions where. Simply put, if there were many hard problems, you got a high score. However, the passing score is different depending on the company, and the examinee does not know what that score is. Foreign consulting companies are said to require a high score, so some job-hunting students apply to those types of companies to see how they did on the SPI.

This time I introduced to you about SPI’s at test centers. I also used a method used in ES writing called “numbering” Did you notice? “First…”, etc., and how I started with the conclusion of what I was going to say? In job-hunting preparing for the tests is difficult, but as you continue, you will see that problems repeat themselves, and you will get used to it. At first it is difficult for anyone, so proceed at your own pace, and I hope you can face the application process in the best situation. Thank you for reading until the end:)

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