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“งานประกวดหนังสั้นของนักศึกษาต่างชาติในเกียวโต 2018” กำลังเปิดรับลงทะเบียนล่วงหน้าแล้ว!


At STUDY KYOTO, we are recruiting applicants for short videos, expressing where international exchange students in Kyoto find to be attracting in studying in Kyoto. The video must be less than 3 minutes long, and entries must be made in advance. “Short Movie Contest for International Students 2018” advanced entry is now open! This is our 2nd time to have this contest.

We hope that these videos will show high school students, and university students thinking about studying abroad in Japan what is attracting in studying abroad in Kyoto, and showing a sneak peak of things you can only experience when you come and attend a school in Kyoto, expressed from the point of view of international students. We hope the videos will not only depict Kyoto as a tourist destination, but as the University City, and Student’s City that it is, attracting more international students.

The theme is same as last year, “A comprehendible depiction of the attractions of studying in Kyoto”, how this is expressed, is completely up to you!
As international students, let students in your home country see what is truly attracting about studying in Kyoto. The winning works will be used as official Study Kyoto promotion material on our web site, and at our study abroad fairs overseas.

To begin, please complete the advanced entry necessary using the link below. Please also see the details and the rules for entry on this web site.
We are looking forward to your application!

Link for advanced entry
Over view of the Short Movie Contest for International Students
■Kick Off Ceremony: July 19th, 2018 (Thursday)
■Advanced Entry Deadline: July 31st, 2018 (Tuesday)
■Application Deadline : Sep. 30th, 2018 (Sunday)
■Entry Requirements : Entrants must be current or former international students at a Kyoto school, such as a university, technical school, or Japanese language school. (Japanese may participate in group entries, but they must be the minority of the group.)
■Video specifics :Under 3 minuets ※The audio must be in the mother tongue of the applicant, and Japanese or English subtitles are required.

For inquiry: Study Kyoto Office (The Consortium of Uninversities in Kyoto)
Chikuda & Sudo TEL 075-353-9164 mail: (Change @ to @)