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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 14配信しました!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XIV

Happy New Year from Study Kyoto! 明けましておめでとうございます!

Check out some of our latest content below…

Students Talk: Doing a Paid Internship in Japan, 2017
Three Chinese students told us about their experiences doing a paid internship at a web design company in Kyoto last year, and share their advice for you! Also, find out more about this year’s paid internship program–sign-up details to be announced soon!

A 24-Hour Relay Marathon You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

What memories will you make in Kyoto? A Thai graduate student told us about one of her favorites: a crazy 24-hour marathon she ran with members of her research lab, all while camping out and holding a barbecue, too!

What’s an International Student Group like? From a Thai Student
A Thai student in Kyoto tells us about the annual activities put on by Kyoto’s Thai Student Group: everything from sports festivals, to fireworks in yukata, to parties with home-cooked Thai meals!

More International Student Groups!
Kyoto’s thriving student population hails from many countries around the globe. See program details and welcoming messages from groups from China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, too!