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What’s an International Student Group Like? An Indonesian Student’s Introduction to PPI Kyoto-Shiga!

Malam Indonesia (Indonesian Night)

And of course, the crown jewel of PPI Kyoto-Shiga’s array of activities: Malam Indonesia (Indonesian Night), a cultural event which includes the best Indonesia has to offer, including traditional dance and musical performances, along with the obligatory Indonesian food. Due to the difficulty of preparing Malam Indonesia, it is held once per two years—the last was held in 2017, so the next one is going to be held in 2019. But the end result speaks for itself—the applause from the audience says it all.

Highlights from Malam Indonesia 2017

Join PPI Kyoto

Of course, that is not the full extent of PPI Kyoto-Shiga’s activities. There are a lot of events held year round for all sorts of members. The Muslim members may benefit from events such as monthly Koran recitation sessions and halal food presentations, whereas the more sports-inclined members may want to attend the weekly basketball practice at the local public gym. Point is, there will be all sorts of activities for everyone—so if you’re an Indonesian who is considering studying in Kyoto, please be assured that PPI Kyoto-Shiga has your back, and that you won’t be alone during your period of stay in Kyoto and its surrounding areas!

PPI Kyoto-Shiga can be reached at (website is written in Indonesian-language only)

If you’re interested to learn more about Indonesian student life in Kyoto, please take a look at the YouTube video made by the current Indonesian students studying in Kyoto!

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