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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 23 is out!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXII

The Difference Between Living in Kyoto and Tokyo
Tokyo may be the capital of Japan, but you could argue that Kyoto is Japan’s cultural capital. Both are appealing, fantastic places, but what’s it really like to live and study in each? Find out from an Indonesian student who’s lived in both! He outlines differences in cost of living, fun activities, transportation, and more!
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Study Kyoto Tour: Arts Tour Experience
Kyoto offers lots of opportunities for students to get to know the schools in this “university city.” On this tour, several international students studying in Tokyo were invited to tour arts universities in Kyoto!
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Study Kyoto Tour: Humanities Tour Experience
Study Kyoto didn’t stop with the arts! There was another tour for students interested in studying the humanities. Find out about the fun cultural activities on this tour, universities that students visited, and how they even made some friends with local Japanese students!
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Volunteering in the Community
An American student in Kyoto shares her experiences giving back to the community in Kyoto through volunteer work! It’s a great way to get more involved with the community outside of your school, and really feel connected to the locals.
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