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Study Kyoto Newsletter Volume 11配信しました!!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XI

An autumn breeze is in the air, and the school year is about to begin after summer vacation here in Kyoto. What would you like to do in Kyoto this fall?

KyoTomorrow Academy, Kyoto’s International Student Community
KyoTomorrow is a multinational student community that offers Japanese language study support in its “Beyond N2” class, job-hunting support and training, and opportunities to try out Kyoto cultural activities like ikebana and kimono dressing. Study Kyoto recently sat down with a few of KyoTomorrow’s members to ask them about their activities

Join an International Student Group in Kyoto!
No need to go it alone: Kyoto is full of student communities of students from many countries, including China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand. These groups are active communities, with year-round activities: everything from fun barbecues to job training seminars. Find out more about joining one here!

Chinese-Language Only: How to Study Abroad in Japan, from China

A Chinese student in Kyoto explains a few of the paths available for Chinese students hoping to study abroad in Japan. While there are lots of options available, it can’t hurt to get a little advice from your sempai!

How to Visit a Japanese Hospital
It can be daunting to visit a hospital in a foreign country. Make sure you’re prepared for study abroad with this walk-through, complete with Japanese phrases to use, put together by a Japanese university student in Kyoto, just for you!