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All the elements that compose Kyoto make it the most appealing city for me

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Charoenkijkajorn Possanunt (From Thailand)

* Wawancara tahun 2023

How did you decide where to study abroad? Please tell us why you chose Kyoto in the end.

Everything started when I learned that I passed the MEXT scholarship screening to study in Japan. Probably the same as many people, I hesitated between Tokyo or Kyoto. It ended up here because after carefully checking the university and courses’ list, I found two universities where I want to do my master’s, and I received acceptance letters filled with kind advice from sensei at both universities. One is Ryukoku University, and the other one is Kyoto University of the Arts. I can’t help feeling that it is a warm welcome, so I know my destination would be in Kyoto.

What are you currently studying? If you’ve already graduated, what did you study before?

I have graduated from the master course at Kyoto University of the Arts. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in design at Kyoto Institute of Technology. It feels like a never-ending journey. My mom made a joke, “It’s good that you can stay longer because Kyoto is a very nice city.” Well, even though I am in a hurry to finish as soon as possible, I agree with her that the atmosphere of this city is enchanting and healing.


Before studying abroad, what kind of image did you have of Kyoto?

I came here as a tourist many times before studying abroad, but I had no idea about being a student here. Kyoto is a very beautiful historical place with a long history; that’s all I knew when I was a tourist.

How did your image of Kyoto change when you actually studied abroad here?

I love it here more and more; the first three years were like a dream. I went to many places, made friends who are nice and kind. I learned Japanese as my third language. Everything was wonderful. My first culture shock took place in the third year, though, but whatever happened are valuable experiences, and Kyoto is still Kyoto, the most enchanted place I have ever been with lots of memories here and there.

What were you nervous about before studying abroad? Please tell us in detail.

First of all, the language barrier was a major concern because I couldn’t find a university with classes conducted in English. I started from zero at the time but was willing to challenge myself. Even now, I am still worried about my Japanese ability; it never seems good enough. But I am trying to improve it bit by bit.


What about Kyoto makes you glad to have come here? What has made an impression on you?

Japan is a destination that many people want to come to. I am glad I got selected to come here to Kyoto. I love it here for many reasons.

①Beautiful place with a long history: Every day I am here, I feel like I am traveling. Every place has its own story and a nostalgic atmosphere.

②Many universities and courses, also there numerous organizations to support foreign people like Study Kyoto or kokoka.

③Fun: I always enjoy cultural activity here, such as tea ceremony, Japanese confectionery class etc.

④Great people: Although it is very hard to make friends here, I met amazing people here. I am now teaching Thai to Japanese people as a part-time job, and most of the students and colleagues are very nice. I am so glad that I can build relationships with these lovely people.

⑤Convenient transportation: Transportation is very nice and easy, whether by bicycle or bus, making it easy to reach many places. It is also straightforward to go to Osaka or Kobe by train or even faraway places like Tokyo or Kyushu by taking a bus.

⑥Safety: It is a safe place where you can walk home at night without worrying too much. (any way it is better to be careful wherever in this world)


Was there anything especially difficult about studying abroad?

First of all, I think the first thing is to kick-start it. It is always not easy when you don’t know where to start gathering information. Not because information is scarce, but, on the contrary, in this era, information is overloaded. So, it is hard to see which scenario you should go, how long it takes, or how much time and money it costs. Thank God that there are plenty of Study fairs in Thailand. Organizations such as Study Kyoto are also another good source of information, providing clear and comprehensive coverage of all the fundamental things you want to know about studying abroad. I believe data makes you see things clearer, and it will look less difficult.


What do you think is most appealing about studying in Kyoto?

There is no specific thing most appealing for me; all the elements that compose Kyoto make it the most appealing city for me.

How do you want to utilize your study abroad experience in the future?

To share experiences with people in an informative way is crucial. Experience is a form of personal data that can help people navigate tasks more easily or see things from a different perspective. It is not about directing people to a specific point but rather providing them with information so they can find their own suitable way. I hope my experience can guide people or shed light on a certain path for some individuals.


What is your post-graduation dream?

I want to utilize my experience to be the bridge between Thailand and Japan. I want to teach the Thai language to Japanese people. It is the job I love the most, and I discovered it here in Kyoto. Language always comes with culture, and by understanding both, it can help more people connect with each other.

Lastly, please give a message to students considering studying abroad in Kyoto.

You can always find useful information that makes your study abroad journey easier here at Study Kyoto.

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