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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXVII

What careers do international students in Japan aim for?
What kind of job do you want to do after studying abroad in Kyoto? What sort of careers are international students in Kyoto aiming for? To answer some of these questions, Study Kyoto sat down with some current international students in Kyoto to ask them about their goals, and what they’re doing to get closer to them.
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How to Rent an Apartment in Kyoto, Japan: A Guide for International Students
You’re about to start a new life in your home in Kyoto! The process of searching for an apartment in Japan is an exciting one, but there are some unique steps to the process in Japan. We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explain the system, and a former international student from China who now works as a real estate agents in Kyoto will offer some advice!
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What to Look Out For When Renting Wi-Fi in Japan: A Guide for International Students
When you arrive in Japan, one of the first things you’re going to want is Wi-Fi! You’ll need it for your classes and homework, and certainly to talk with family and friends back home, too. So how difficult is it for international students to rent Wi-Fi? Click on this article to find out the points you’ll need to know!
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