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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 25 is out!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXV

Practice Entering the Working World: Paid Internship Program Experience!
A Thai student tells us about her experience interning at the International Student Study Kyoto Network! Learn more about what she learned through this paid internship program.
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My Scholarship Application Experience: MEXT Scholarship Research Student
Scholarships can make it much easier to study abroad in Japan. The MEXT Scholarship is a well-known government scholarship, and in this article, a graduate student from Thailand explains the application procedure step-by-step.
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Online Open Campus for International Students at Doshisha University’s Faculty of Global Communications
Doshisha University’s Faculty of Global Communications held its open campus event online this year for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An international student who took part in the event shares the behind-the-scenes story!
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Taking part in community activities in Kyoto!
Getting involved in the local community is a great way to get to know Kyoto. Here, an international student tells us about her trip to the forests north of Kyoto, where she learned about the city’s famous cedar trees, how they’re grown and harvested, and even made her own chopsticks. What program will you join?
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