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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXI

Kyoto’s Japanese Language Schools
Attend Japanese language school while living in Kyoto and learn not only the Japanese language, but engage in cultural activities like field trips, trying on kimono, and much more. An international student on the Kyoto PR Team recently visited such a school to check it out…

Japanese Schools Supporting a Path to Success After Graduation
Once you’ve finished your language studies, some Japanese language schools in Kyoto, like Kyoshin Language Academy, help to inform students about opportunities once they’ve graduated. Study Kyoto recently sat in on a seminar where students met university and vocational school representatives, as well as other former international students who now work at Japanese companies! Read more above.

Culture Shock Round Two: A Conversation with Students Comparing Cultures
Our Kyoto international students sat down again to discuss even more of their experiences of “culture shock” studying abroad in Japan. Click to read about what surprised them, and what’s different from your country!

Learn About World Heritage Sites in Kyoto!
This is a unique class you can only experience in Kyoto. Study by traveling directly to World Heritage Sites! In this article, a student talks about his experience with a Project-Based Learning Course at the beautiful Daigo-ji Temple.