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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XVIIII

Pass the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU): 3 Pieces of Advice for International Students
A Chinese student in Kyoto explains how he studied for and passed the EJU, offering his best tips and tricks, and even explaining how to make studying for the test more fun!

Kyoto Companies & the International Student Job Search – from the 2018 Paid Internship Seminar –
Kyoto is offering paid internships again this year! Study Kyoto went to listen in on a seminar explaining the program before it begins. Student participants from past years spoke, and program organizers offered some advice for international student job-seekers hoping to work in Japan…

You Can Become a Professional Cook in Kyoto!
If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a professional chef, there’s a school in Kyoto for you! Several students recently made a visit to the Kyoto Culinary Art College for its open campus….

You’re Not Alone: Get Help During Study Abroad in Kyoto
Studying in a foreign country doesn’t have to be so daunting… there are many services available in Kyoto to help out students and other foreign residents in need, including translation and interpretation at hospitals and city hall, counseling, emergency services, and more. Read about them here.