Kyoto Styudy

교토로의 유학을 생각하고 계신 분 교토에서 유학중이신 분

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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXII

What it’s like to study manga in an unrestricted and international environment at Kyoto Seika University
Are you interested in studying manga or anime? Kyoto has an unusually high number of arts universities, and we asked a student at one about what she studies, her classes, and even how she makes animations!

The SPI Test & Other Written Tests for Job Hunting in Japan: Advice from an International Student
One of the biggest hurdles that international students may face when job hunting in Japan are written aptitude tests like the SPI Test. Click here to hear about one student’s experience and advice!

Working at ROHM Semiconductor: An American Girl in a Japanese Company
Find out what it’s like to work at a Japanese company from this American girl who now works at Rohm Semiconductor in Kyoto!