Kyoto Styudy

교토로의 유학을 생각하고 계신 분 교토에서 유학중이신 분

해외유학생용 소식

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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XVII

Culture Shock in Japan: What to Expect
Have you ever experienced “culture shock”? In this article, Study Kyoto outlines some of the things you might experience as you adjust to living abroad in Japan during study abroad. There’s always a period of adjustment in a new culture, but you’re not alone in dealing with it!

Kyoto Students Share Their Experiences with Culture Shock in Japan
Hear it directly from the students themselves: we asked six Kyoto students from countries around the world to tell us some of their real-life experiences with culture shock. Do you think some of their answers will surprise you? Find out what answers they gave here!

What’s an International Student Group Like? An Indonesian Student’s Introduction to PPI Kyoto-Shiga!
Meet PPI Kyoto-Shiga: Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia—Indonesian Students’ Union! This thriving student community has a number of annual events–see what your Indonesian classmates are doing in Kyoto!

(Japanese & Korean Only) 유학생회는 어떤 곳? 한국인 유학생이 말하는 ‘한국인 유학생회 레포트 (도시샤대학)
In this article, a student introduces Doshisha University’s Korean student community. Find out about their support system, and tasty events at school!