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What is the best thing about studying in Kyoto?
We are looking for students motivated to make an original short movie!
Topics need to be related to your experiences studying or living in Kyoto, as a study abroad destination.
You can make any type of short movie, including animation, slide show, drama, documentary, etc.
There are no rules for making your video, as long as the finished work makes international students want to come to Kyoto!


Guidelines for Entry

Requirements for Entry

  • □ 現役留学生または元留学生(京都の大学、専門学校、日本語学校の留学生又は元留学生)
  • 12月18日(土)14:00(日本時間)に実施するオンライン授賞式に参加できること。
  • 個人、グループは問いません。
  • □ Entrants must be current or former international students at a Kyoto school. (A university, technical school, or Japanese language school in Kyoto)
  • Entrants must be able to attend the online awards ceremony on Saturday, December 18th at 14:00(JST).
    *Since this ceremony will be held entirely online, people who currently don’t live in Kyoto can participate.
  • Individual or group entries are both acceptable.
    * Group entries may include Japanese students, but they must be the minority of the group.
    * Group and individual entries are allowed submission of just one video each.

Requirements for Video Submissions

言語: 自由 ※ただし、次の①~④のいずれかの要件を満たすこと
その他: ① 応募作品は、未発表のものに限ります。
② 著作権上問題のないもの(特に音楽や登場人物の顔など、きちんと許可を取ったもの)をご応募ください。
Theme:“ The charms of Kyoto as a study-abroad destination”
Share your view with people around the world on the charms of Kyoto as a study-abroad destination in your short movie. The style of the movie is completely up to you, but please make sure that it will make prospective students want to study in Kyoto.
Video Length:Under 3 minutes.
Video quality:High quality (high definition) video is encouraged
Language: Up to entrants, but please meet one of the requirements below.
① Subtitles in English or entrant’s native language are required for Japanese audio
② Subtitles in Japanese or entrant’s native language are required for English audio
③ Subtitles in Japanese or English are required for audio in other languages
④ No subtitle is required for a video with no narrative (such as a music-only video).
Others: ① Submissions must be original and created only for the contest.
② Please use only materials that are free from any form of copyright and portrait rights violations, especially regarding music and people’s faces in your video.

Awards & Remuneration

Grand Prize:100,000 yen (Awarded to one video)
Second Prize:50,000 yen (Awarded to one video)
Best Judge's Prize:20,000 yen (Awarded to up to three videos)
Student Choice Prize:10,000 yen (Awarded to one video)
Audience Choice Prize:10,000 yen (Awarded to one video)

受賞作品については、STUDY KYOTO公式動画として、京都留学ポータルサイトSTUDY KYOTOでの掲載や、日本国内・海外での留学フェア等で活用します。

Awarded Videos will be posted on STUDY KYOTO’s official website, and used at overseas fairs, etc.

How to Enter & Submit Videos



Entry Registration: By Tuesday, August 10th(JST)

ウェブサイト( https://www.studykyoto.jp/contest2021/ )のエントリーフォームより登録。
Please register via the form on our website ( https://www.studykyoto.jp/contest2021/ )


作品応募:~2021年11月9日(火)まで <必着>

Video Submission: Must arrive by Tuesday, November 9th (JST)

データをオンラインファイル共有サービス等で主催者宛(kyoto-nw@consortium.or. jp)に提出。(送付の際にパスワードで保護すること)
Upload the data of your video to a secure online file sharing service with a password, and send the link to: kyoto-nw@consortium.or.jp



Announcement of Winners: December 18th (JST)

Winning entries will be determined at the online awards ceremony.

Submission Requirements


  • □ 作品動画(Google社:YouTubeにてサポートされているファイル形式で提出すること)
  • 作品のサムネイル写真(2MB以下とすること)
  • 作品説明(日本語:200文字、英語:約100ワード)
  • 応募者プロフィール(名前、グループであればグループ名、プロフィール写真、所属学校および 学部、国籍、学年、連絡先メールアドレス)

Please send the following along with your video when your make your submission.

  • □ Data of your video (Please submit it in a file format which YouTube accepts)
  • A photo thumbnail from your video(Less than 200MB)
  • A description of your video (up to 200 characters in Japanese, or up to approximately 100 words in English)
  • Profile description of the entrant, including your name (a group name is acceptable in the case of group submissions), profile photo, school and department, nationality, school year, and email address at which we can reach you.
    *For group submissions, please submit individual information for each group member.


  • 京都精華大学教授 伊奈 新祐 氏
  • 京都芸術大学教授 大西 宏志 氏
  • 株式会社ディレクターズ・ユニブ 代表  板倉 一成 氏
  • 京都のインターカレッジ団体 ※学生賞のみを審査
  • ※観客賞はウェブサイト( https://studykyoto.jp/contest2021/ )からの事前一般投票で決定
  • Kyoto Seika University Professor Shinsuke INA
  • Kyoto University of the Arts Professior Hiroshi ONISHI
  • Directors Univ Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Kazunari ITAKURA
  • Inter College Community in Kyoto(Only for Students Choice Award)
  • ※Audience Choice Award will be determined by an online public vote via our website ( https://studykyoto.jp/contest2021/ ).

Terms of Submission (Precautions)

  • □ 風景については、京都府内で撮影された作品であること。
  • 応募作品は、SNSを含め未発表のものに限ります。
  • 応募作品の著作権は応募者に帰属します。但し留学生スタディ京都ネットワーク(以下、「スタディ京都」)は、京都における留学生の誘致のために、無償かつ自由に、応募作品の複製・第三者への貸与・上映・翻訳を行う権利を有するものとします。
  • 応募作品の取り扱いは、作品提出フォームにて応募者の許諾を得てから行うものとします。
  • 応募作品の権利が複数に亘る場合は、代表者にその権利が帰属するか、もしくは代表者が権利処理を行うことが可能なものとします。
  • 作品の原作として規制の著作物を使用している場合は、必ず権利者に許可を得た上で、その該当著作物を作品提出フォームの該当項目にご記入ください。
  • 既製の音楽、映像(テレビ・ラジオ・YouTube等のSNS含むメディア)、キャラクター、シナリオの著作権については、使用許諾・使用料など、所定の手続きを済ませた上でご応募ください。
  • 著作権フリーの素材を使用する場合は、各素材の使用規約に従ってください。
  • 作品内で人物や著作物(絵画、写真、美術作品等)が映り込んでいる場合は、必ずその人物及び著作権者の了解を得てください。 万一、それら著作権、著作隣接権及び肖像権など、あらゆる権利を有する者のうちから一つでも異議申し立てがあった場合は、応募者の責任と負担で解決するものとし、主催者は一切の責任を負うことはできません。
  • 他人の名誉を毀損し、他人を誹謗中傷する内容、また犯罪に結びつく、または助長させる内容でないことを確認の上、ご応募ください。
  • 暴言、卑猥な表現等、公序良俗に反する内容でないことを確認の上、ご応募ください。
  • 応募作品に応募規定に関する違反が認められた場合等、主催者または審査員が不適当と判断した場合は審査対象外とします。また、受賞後に違反が認められた場合は受賞を取り消す場合があります。
  • 応募作品の著作権に関する問題が発生した場合、応募者が全責任を負うものとし、スタディ京都は一切の責任を負いかねます。
  • 一次審査を通過した作品のみ、作品動画を公式ウェブサイトに掲載します。
  • □ Scenery need to be filmed within Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Submissions must NOT be published or released (including on social media).
  • The entrant retains the copyrights of his/her films submitted. However, he/she agrees to grant International Student Study Kyoto Network (hereafter, “STUDY KYOTO”) non-exclusive rights to utilize all or part of the film to manage the contest as well as promote study-in-Kyoto at future events without any additional compensation. These rights include, but are not limited to, the right of reproduction, the right of rental, the right of film screening, and the right of adaptation.
  • The entrants’ permission for STUDY KYOTO to utilize their film on such occasions specified above will be mentioned and acquired on the video work submission form.
  • In the case where more than one person has the right to the film, attribute the right to a representative, or make it to where the representative holds the processing rights.
  • The entrant agrees that he/she has obtained proper, legal permission to use copyrighted works of third parties in the film. And then, please list copyrighted materials in the video work submission form.
  • In case the film contains any copyrighted music, sounds, or images (broadcasted by any form of media including TV, Radio, and SNS) as well as the copyrighted characters and scenarios, make sure that they are licensed.
  • In case the entrant uses copyright–free materials, you must obey their terms of use.
  • Please only include material in your videos that does not violate copyright laws. When people or authored works (including paintings, photographs, works of art, etc.) appear in videos, please make sure to obtain the author’s consent. Please understand that in the unlikely event that a claim of copyright (or copyright-related) infringement, or usage of one’s likeness without consent is made, the organizers take no responsibility, and the responsibility to resolve the issue shall be taken by the entrant.
  • Ensure that video submissions do not defame or injure others, and are not related to, nor encourage any sort of illegal activity.
  • Ensure that submissions do not contain any kind of indecent or obscene language or any content that is not following public standards of morality and decency.
  • Should any submissions be determined to violate these terms, or otherwise found to be inappropriate by the organizers or judges of the contest, the submission will not be judged. Additionally, should a winning entry be found to violate these terms, the prize money may be cancelled.
  • Each entrant is solely responsible for following copyright rules applicable to their submission, and STUDY KYOTO will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the failure.
  • STUDY KYOTO will not take any responsibility in that case the entrant is solely responsible for any problems regarding Copyrights.
  • Only the videos which pass the first screening will be posted on STUDY KYOTO's official website.

Regarding the Use of Personal Information

  • □ 応募者の個人情報は、留学生スタディ京都ネットワーク事務局(公益財団法人 大学コンソーシアム京都)の個人情報保護方針に基づき、安全に管理し、保護に努めます。
  • 応募者の応募作品・氏名・学校名等の個人情報は、本企画の応募・入選作品紹介や選考、授賞式、受賞作品の発表時に使用いたします。また、「応募規定(注意事項)」内に規定された事項に関わり、応募作品を活用する際にも、作品紹介の一環で個人情報を使用します。
  • 上記以外の理由で個人情報を使用する場合は、事前に本人の承諾を得ます。
  • □ STUDY KYOTO endeavors to safely manage and protect the entrant’s personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Guidelines prescribed by the secretariat of STUDY KYOTO (Consortium of Universities in Kyoto).
  • The entrant’s personal information including their name and school name will be shared in the selection process of submissions and to introduce prize-winning works on the website and at the award ceremony. Also, please note that the information will be used along with the usage of their submission in accordance with the Terms of Submission (Precautions) in this Guidelines for Entry.
  • When STDY KYOTO uses the entrant’s personal information for other reasons, STUDY KYOTO must obtain their approval in advance.


Entry form


動画コンテスト2017年 第1回の受賞作品はこちら 動画コンテスト2018年 第2回の受賞作品はこちら 動画コンテスト2020年 第3回の受賞作品はこちら