What do you think is the best thing about studying abroad in Kyoto?
How you show us is up to you, as long as your video is one that will make other foreign students want to come to Kyoto, too.
Tell the world what you like best about "the Study Abroad Destination of Kyoto" with a short movie about your studies, school life, or your daily life, etc!

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Guidelines for Entry

Requirements for Entry

□ 現役留学生または元留学生(京都の大学、専門学校、日本語学校の留学生又は元留学生) 
□ 11月に実施する表彰式(日程は決定次第エントリー者にお伝えいたします。) に参加できること。
□ 個人、グループは問いません。グループの場合、日本人学生の参加可能。

□ Entrants must be current or former international students at a Kyoto school.(A Kyoto university, technical school, or Japanese language school)
□ Entrants must be able to participate in the awards ceremony in November (Dates to be determined).
□ Individual or group entry are both acceptable. Group entries may include Japanese students.
*Group and individual entries are allowed submission of just one video each.

Requirements for Video Submissions

Video Length:Under 3 minutes.
Video quality:High quality video is encouraged
Language: *Videos must be recorded in the entrant’s native language, and have subtitles in either Japanese or English.


Presentation style is free, as long as the video conveys the charms of Kyoto study abroad in a way that will make prospective students want to study abroad here.

Awards & Remuneration

Grand Prize:100,000 yen (Awarded to one video)
Second Prize:50,000 yen (Awarded to one video)
Special Judge’s Award:10,000 yen (Awarded to three videos)

入選作品については、STUDY KYOTO公式動画として、留学生ポータルサイトStudyKyotoでの掲載や、海外での留学フェア等で活用します。

Video submissions will be posted on Study Kyoto’s Official Website, and used at overseas fairs, etc.

How to Enter & Submit Videos

Entry Registration : By Monday, July 31st

Please register via the form on our website (https://studykyoto.jp/contest)

作品応募:~9月30日(土) まで<必着>
Video submission : Must arrive by Saturday, September 30th

Upload your video to YouTube with limited privacy settings (“Unlisted”),and send the link to kyoto-nw@consortium.or.jp
*We will request data submission at a later date.

Announcement of Winners: November

Winning entries will be determined at the awards ceremony in November, 2017.
The details of the date will be announced on our official website.

Submission Requirements


Please send the following along with your video when your make your submission.
□ Your video URL 
□ A photo thumbnail from your video 
□ A description of your video (up to 200 characters in Japanese, or up to approximately 100 words in English) 
□ Profile description of the entrant, including your name (a group name is acceptable in the case of group submissions), profile photo, school and department, nationality, school year, and email address at which we can reach you. *For group submissions, please submit individual information for each group member.


京都精華大学大学院教授 伊奈新祐
京都造形芸術大学教授 大西宏志
株式会社シネマズギックス 代表取締役  馬杉 雅喜

Kyoto Seika University Professor Shinsuke Ina
Kyoto University of Art and Design Professor Hiroshi Onishi
Cinemas Gix, Inc. President & CEO Masayoshi Masugi

Terms of Submission (Precautions)

□ 必ず京都府内で撮影された作品であること。
□ 応募作品は、SNSを含め未発表のものに限ります。
□ 応募作品は、受賞の有無にかかわらずSTUDYKYOTOにて京都留学生誘致目的のために無償で使用することを了承すること。
□ 作品は著作権法上、問題のないもののみを使用してください。映像に人物や著作物(絵画、写真、美術作品等)が映り込んでいる場合は、 必ずその人物及び著作権者の了解を得てください。万一、それら著作権、著作隣接権及び肖像権など、あらゆる権利を有する者のうちから一つでも異議申し立てがあった場合は、応募者の責任と負担で解決するものとし、主催者は一切の責任を負うことはできません。
□ 他人の名誉を毀損し、他人を誹謗中傷する内容、また犯罪に結びつく、または助長させる内容でないこと。
□ 暴言、卑猥な表現等、公序良俗に反する内容でないこと。 
□ 応募作品に応募規定に関する違反が認められた場合等、主催者側また審査員側が不適当と判断した場合は審査対象外とします。 また、入賞後に違反が認められた場合は入賞を取り消す場合があります。

□ Submissions must be filmed within Kyoto Prefecture. 
□ Submissions must not be published or released (including on social media).
□ Please understand that even those submissions that do not win awards may be used for promotional purposes by Study Kyoto.
□ Please only include material in your videos that does not violate copyright laws. When people or authored works (including paintings, photographs, works of art, etc.) appear in videos, please make sure to obtain the author’s consent. Please understand that in the unlikely event that a claim of copyright (or copyright-related) infringement, or usage of one’s likeness without consent is made, the organizers take no responsibility, and the responsibility to resolve the issue shall be taken by the entrant. 
□ Ensure that video submissions do not defame or injure others, and are not related to, nor encourage any sort of illegal activity. 
□ Ensure that submissions do not contain any kind of indecent or obscene language, or any content that is not in accordance with public standards of morality and decency. 
□ Should any submissions be determined to be in violation of these terms, or otherwise found to be inappropriate by the organizers or judges of the contest, the submission will not be judged. Additionally, should a winning entry be found to be in violation of these terms, the prize money may be cancelled.


This is subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation and supported by JASSO.