Kyoto Styudy

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What is attractive about studying in Kyoto?

The advantage to undertaking study in Kyoto is not just its many reputable universities it’s also its beautiful and comfortable environment.I think it is good to study here.

How has your impression of Kyoto changed since coming here?

My first impression about Kyoto: Kyoto is an old city which has a long history, so l thought Kyoto is an ancient city and has he image that not so many foreigners live there. However when arrived here, I was very impressive that actually Kyoto is a modern city that is supported by an awesome transportation facility.
In addition there are many foreigners who live inKyoto, not only for working but also for studying.

Message to students in your home country thinking about studying abroad.

To colleagues who are interested in studying in Japan, I recommend Kyoto as one destination for study.
Why? The reason s because Kyoto is not only supported by good facilities but also by comfortable environmental conditions which are suitable for study.
So let’s come to Kyoto.
Let’s study together let’s learn various information.