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Dành cho những bạn đang cân nhắc du học Nhật Bản Dành cho học sinh quốc tế tại Kyoto


Practice Entering the Working World: Paid Internship Program Experience!

Translation work

Another job that I worked on was to translate the information on Kyoto schools on the Study Kyoto site from Japanese to Thai. I hit a big wall, however. I realized when doing translating work that Japanese has a variety of detailed methods of expression, and if you translate these into other languages, you cannot express their unique nuance. Also, sentences might not sound as natural if you just replace the words directly.

To focus on translating individual words directly into another language won’t result in an efficient translation. This method cannot convey important points or unique expressions. It was through this internship opportunity that I came to realize these language difficulties.

Other than this translation work, I also shared stories of my experience studying in Japan online for international students who want to attend a university in Kyoto, and also participated in large workshops.

Coronavirus and telework, a new style of working

I experienced telework during my internship, too, the start of new normal amidst the on-going coronavirus pandemic. I start working in my own room during my working hours and report my progress to the company. By working this way, I didn’t have to worry about commuting time or the risk of infection, and I was able to concentrate on my deskwork. However, if I didn’t manage my time properly and didn’t give myself some breaks, I could end up losing my concentration.

I think telework is a form of work that is suitable when you need to concentrate on your work. However, since the company staff had looked after me and carefully taught me how to do each task properly, I felt a bit lonesome when I couldn’t meet all of them.

What I learned through the internship

I was very pleased to be able to do this work on an internship, something I’d always wanted to try. I kept wanting to challenge myself more every day, and the staff here are very good at teaching. I was able to enjoy myself with my work. This has greatly increased my confidence.

Getting paid for an internship made me feel more responsible than I’d expected. To be frank, getting paid for my work made me feel that I can’t work irresponsibly. This is an important way of thinking, to find value in the work you do.

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(Written by: Phetnoo Maika, Doshisha University)

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