Kyoto Styudy

Sorting Garbage

As a city which has adopted the "Kyoto Protocol", Kyoto is focused on environmentally friendly urban development and is promoting the recycling of garbage.
How to put out the garbage varies depending on the municipality.
Please check how to put out the garbage.

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How to put out the garbage

Fill the designated household garbage collection bags to a weight that can be carried in one hand, and tie the bags firmly. Be aware that if you put out your garbage in bags other than the designated bags they may not be collected. Designated bags are available at places such as retail stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Important points regarding putting out the garbage

Garbage is classified into four types: Burnable garbage; cans, bottles and PET bottles; plastic “containers” and “packaging”; and small metallic.
They each need to be separated and put out on different days.
Depending on where you live, the days to put out the garbage (collection days) and where to put it out are predetermined. Ask your neighbors about it.
Furniture and bedding must be disposed of as “oversized garbage”, which incurs a fee.

Information of each municipality

For details about garbage disposal, please check the information for the municipality in which you live.
*Please be aware that unlawful disposal of garbage is a crime.