Kyoto Styudy




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What is attractive about studying in Kyoto?

I believe that the best thing about studying in Kyoto is that there are many good universities, but it’s not as big or noisy as Tokyo.
Therefore, living in Kyoto is really easy.
There’s lots of nature, there are really good universities the food is delicious and it’s a great environment to study in.

How has your impression of Kyoto changed since coming here?

Kyoto is really great because it combines two things: the city is not too big, but the biggest part of Japanese traditional culture is here.
I didn’t know it that before, and since l came to Kyoto l’ve been really happy l came here.

Message to students in your home country thinking about studying abroad.

I believe this is the best place to come in Japan, in all aspects.
I think that studying in Japan is one of the most wonderful things that anyone can do, so please come!