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PrivateIkenobo Junior College

Acceptable degrees : Associate degree

Ikenobo Junior College is a coeducational college located at "Shijo Muromachi" in the center of Kyoto, the place where Japanese culture was born. The college was founded in connection with "Ikenobo style, the origin of Ikebana" which has a history and tradition of more than 550 years. Our foundation spirit is "harmony and beauty" which is the spirit of Ikebana. The college consists of three departments : Department of Cultural Arts, Department of Environment Cultural Studies, Department of Early Childhood Education and Care. Each department covers some specialized areas, in which we offer various learning opportunities for students to acquire skills that are utilized in specialist fields. For example, Ikebana, Beauty, Bridal, Confectinery, Medical clerk, Early childhood education etc.

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Enrolment period April
Entrance qualifications ・Examination for Japanese University:225 points or above
Enrollment fee 240,000 yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year 808,000 yen
Other specific mentions Education cost 280,000 yen
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Human Life Science Human Life Science, Children Study, Beauty
Arts Art and Design

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