Kyoto Styudy


Interview of Current International Students

Country of origin:Vietnam
Study abroad destination:Kyoto University

What is attractive about studying in Kyoto?

In my opinion, there are a lot of reasons for you to study here.
Finaly, Kyoto city has a lot of universities that provide a variety of teaching program that are suitable for every background like technique, economic, art, and … etc.
Especially, if you want to study at the famous university, Kyoto city is one of the best destination for you in japan.

In addition, the living condition in Kyoto is very amazing.
After the working time, you can come Kamo river, the small river, located in the heart of the city, to see the beauty of nature, the listen to the beat of your heart, or to listen to the saxophone music played by the students here, and relax.
There are also a lot of interesting things here, and I think that you should come here, and discover by yourself.

How has your impression of Kyoto changed since coming here?

Before coming to Kyoto, when l read the newspaper, or seeing the pictures thought that Kyoto is a quiet place with a lot of pagodas temples, and maybe it’s too quiet for the young person like me to live.
But, when I really come here, have realized that was totally wrong. Kyoto is the beautiful city, and it’s the combination of the traditional and modern characteristics of Japan.

In addition, it’s also the convenient place to live for every kind of people, the introverted or extroverted one.
If you want to go somewhere quiet, to listen to your heartbeat, you can spend your time at the river.
But if you want to go shopping, go to drink, or just want to hang out with your friends at the crowded area, you can take the bus, just about 15 minutes from the university to the central part of Kyoto, and you can everything you want here.

Message to students in your home country thinking about studying abroad.

The story between Kyoto city and l is just like a story of destiny.
After two years live here, my feeling as not changed, l still love this city so much.
From my core heart I just want to say that, this city is the perfect place to study and live.
Just believe me, come here, and you will never regret about it.