Kyoto Styudy

School details

PrivateHANAZONO University

Acceptable degrees : Bachelor’s degree・Master’s degree・Doctor’s degree

Hanazono University was founded under the “Spirit of Zen” and we pursue to nurture those who know themselves, accept others, and contribute to society.
The University is comprised of two faculties: Faculty of Letters and Faculty of Social Welfare. The Faculty of Letters seeks to deepen understanding of Japanese culture, and the Faculty of Social Welfare is proud of having produced a large number of specialists working in the field of welfare.

  • Scholarship
  • Special university course for international students

Basic information

Enrolment period April
Entrance qualifications ・Examination for Japanese University:required
Enrollment fee 200,000 yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year 826,000 yen~829,000 yen
Other specific mentions 274,000 yen
University details
Literature Japanese Literature
History・Geography History
Philosophy, Ethics, Religion Philosophy, Ethics, Religion
Psychology Psychology
Social Welfare Social Welfare