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Community Name: Kyoto Shiga Taiwanese Student Association

Number of Members: All students from Taiwan studying in Kyoto and Shiga

Annual programs: Welcome party, Taiwanese cuisine party, BBQ party, etc..

Message to students: Hello!! If you are Taiwanese who study or live in Kyoto or Shiga, please join us. We are Taiwanese students studying in Kyoto and Shiga. And we will hold many kinds of events to make our member to get acquainted with each other.

Website: (Facebook group)




Community Name: VYSA Kyoto – Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Kyoto

Number of Members: Over 100 people annually

Annual programs: Support for Vietnamese Youth and Student Association members in their studies, daily life in Kyoto, and work. We also hold traditional Vietnamese cultural events.

Message to students: VYSA Kyoto was found on 1995 (at that time it was named Kyoto Group) by a group of students in Kyoto University and soon expanded to the whole Vietnamese community in Kyoto. The goal of the association is to support the Vietnamese people in Kyoto in many fields: study, career, life and promote Vietnamese culture and science as well. We are the bridge to connect to the Vietnamese community in Kyoto through the portal help site and career support as well as cultural events. Since 2009, VYSA Kyoto has became a part of VYSA Japan.


Contact: (Email) (Facebook page)





Community Name: PPI Kyoto Shiga Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Kyoto Shiga

Number of Members: 199 people

Annual programs: Welcome party, academic discussions, sports events, picnic, and various cultural events.

Message to students: PPI Kyoto-Shiga is a student organization that accommodates Indonesian students’ extracurricular activities. It consists of Indonesian students from various universities in Kyoto and Shiga. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need information about studying and living in Japan, especially in Kyoto.





Community Name: Thai@Kyoto

Number of Members: Approx. 70 people

Annual programs: Spring Welcome Party (May), Fall Welcome Party (November)

(with Thai Student Association in Japan (TSAJ): Sport Festival (October/November), Academic Forum)

Message to students: The Thai student community in Kyoto includes students from various universities. We currently have around 70 members, and many more who have already graduated and have gone back to Thailand but still in contact. We are one of the most active group of Thai students in Kansai area, with frequent fun meeting up events. Also, Thai students in Kyoto is joining as a part of Thai Students’ Association in Japan under the Royal Patronage (TSAJ), which has a huge number of members and hold various kinds of events all year round. If you are a Thai student who is considering to come study in Kyoto, do not worry because you will never be lonely here!

TSAJ Facebook Group (public)

Thai in Kansai.JP (Facebook page)